Come Post with us at Gamla Riksarkivet!
Here we offer:


  • Grade - 4k HDR, fully specced Baselight suite.
  • Look development and management from set to delivery

Warner Post

  • Project management, post supervision
  • Avid suites including Nexis, route 66, aspera
  • Online  - high-capacity screening room
  • Mastering and Delivery


  • Award-winning visual effects team, with offices in both Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Helsinki. 

Jan 2021

Terrassen Chooses Baselight
As it continues to develop its colour pipelines, Terrassen has invested in a full Baselight One system for its 4k HDR suite at Gamla Riksarkivet.

The grade system of choice at many high end facilities around the world, it provides a powerful and creatively far-reaching toolset for the most demanding colour work.

Jan 2022

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
Working together with Post Republic in London, colourist Sebastian Guest has been working hard on a brand new TV series of cult web hit ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’. (hotlink URL to youtube DHMIS channel).

Commissioned by Channel 4 UK, the series promises many laughs through its uniquely dark and offbeat humour.  The series' unique blend of puppetry, animation, and live action demanded a harmonious yet vibrant color scheme that seamlessly transitioned between reality and the surreal.

March 2022

‘Partisan’ Season 2
Following the success of the first season of Warner Bros drama ‘Partisan’, Terrassen has been proud to once more provide colour services for season two of  ‘Partisan’

The series, shot by Mårten Tedin, has featured a very distinctive look and feel through its cinematography and grade. We’re very proud of the work on both wonderful seasons.

May 2022

From on-set look to final grade  - Sebastian has been putting all his creative juices into a dramatic and very engaging series for Warner Bros - ‘Limbo’.  Collaborating with Director of Photography, Carl Sundberg, the journey in the grade suite started with looks at lens options and progressed to setting up a show look, which ran through the entire chain from set to final grade sessions, ensuring consistency and finesse.

January 2023

A Town called Venice
Sebatian has been in London once more, this time working with Post Republic on a few episodes of hit show ‘A town called Venice’.  Check out the series trailer, below!

February 2023

Remote Pipelines: Live, Remote Baselight grading
This month we’ve been doing some live remote work with Post Republic for the show ‘Chemistry of Death’. Two baselights, in London and Stockholm, are connected together over a secure VPN, both suites featuring Grade-1 HDR monitoring. This allowed for a VFX-grade session to be attended by DoP and Director in London, with Grade operated from Stockholm. With this powerful linkup, Colourist and client can interact and approve grades in real time.

May 2023

Maria Wern and Baselight Client View
Terrassen is very proud to provide grade for another season of popular Gotland-based crime-drama series ‘Maria Wern’. We had some occasions to really utilise Baselight’s unique ‘client view’ feature, allowing for a live stream of the grade session straight to a client’s iPad, laptop or desktop. The streams are Apple Colorsync enabled, and on the most recent apple devices in particular, feature superb colour fidelity, via both h264 and, for HDR, HEVC streams.

Apart from the stream itself, the service features a still of each shot, before/after views of the grade, the ability to post notes per shot, and interact with the colourist using a pointer.  Click here (hotlink) to see it in action!

August 2023

Carousel / Karusell
Prepare to have your senses tantalized and your fears awakened as we invite you to immerse yourself in the heart-pounding horror of 'Karusell’!. This month sees the delivery of grade for this highly-anticipated Swedish horror film, from Scandinavian Content Group.