Two documentaries I color graded at the end of 2023 will be aired on SVT on Sunday, 14th – entirely different stories, and both very interesting and engaging.

First off we have Lise Bergvall’s 4-part documentary series ‘Drömmen om Hollywood‘. It tells the story of Anna-Karin, a Swedish actor whose long-held dream of making it in Hollywood finally comes true. Her friend and journalist Angelica documents her incredible journey. Available to stream now on SVT.

Directed by Lise Bergvall / Scandinavian Content Group.

Next up is ‘Dokument Utifrån: Makten Över Havet’ / ‘They Emptied our Seas’ – an investigative documentary that delves into the hidden truths behind the depletion of fish stocks in European waters. Streaming from today on SVT.

Directed by Peter Löfgren at Deepsea Productions.